Sponsor a Flower


    Sponsoring a flower gives you the opportunity to choose a beautiful flower that will represent your mom in the “Endearment Square” flower garden. The choice of type of flower and color will be offered later.

    Who are you sponsoring the flower for? Enter their name here.

    You can enter your name, or 1) John and Amber, or 2) The Smith Family, or 3) Mr. John Smith.

    How should the dedication read (examples below)?

    1) Celebrating – John and Amber, celebrating Olivia, our mother
    2) Honoring – The Smith Family, honoring Olivia Smith
    3) Remembering – John and Amber, remembering our mother Olivia Smith

    There is a $5 maintenance fee, one time each year, to help cover the cost of water, soil, and care for your flower.