Endearment Square is a flower garden project that when finished will be the largest flower garden in North America. Sponsoring a flower in your mothers name is an excellent Mother’s Day gift.


Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12, 2019

We have the perfect gift ideas.

Sponsor A Flower

Become a flower sponsor — choose the perfect flower to represent your mother in the “Endearment Square” flower garden. Your mother will love this gift.

Symbols of Endearment

Every day we receive charms, hearts, rings, trinkets, and other tokens of appreciation from people around the world who have chosen to honor their mother in this special dedication. There is NO cost to participate in “Symbols of Endearment”.



NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Winner receives their life story published in a book


Take a picture of yourself. Send it to us. We take all of the selfies and make a really cool movie.

The perfect Mother’s Day Gift

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